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Challenges in No Spend Challenge

July 15th, 2012 at 10:24 pm

It seems that the only way not to spend anything is to stay inside your house all day. But that's not possible considering you have to spend money just to go to work. Good thing I'm not addicted to coffee so I don't even remember the last time I stepped inside a Starbucks. But commuting to the office everyday, meals for myself alone, bills to pay at the end (or start) of the month, plus the extra expenses like lunch outs or pizza at work, birthday and wedding gifts, etc. it gets extra challenging to save money.

I know I don't spend AS MUCH with unnecessary stuff such as purses, shoes and clothes but my biggest challenge so far are those little things that add up - magazine, soda, candy or chocolates by the cashier, and all those cute things that may be so cheap but I don't necessarily need.

I know I will be able to save money just by being cautious enough not to fall into spending "traps". And I promised myself that I will try my very best to not waste any of my hard-earned money in stuff which will be of no use to me in a few month's time.

I have already accomplished a no-spend challenge for 1 month last year and hopefully I'll be able to be successful again, longer and more lasting this time around.

3 Responses to “Challenges in No Spend Challenge”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    For b-day gifts, something homemade is a nice gesture that doesn't cost much. For weddings, you could search antique stores for unique but cheap finds.

    Eating out is tempting, especially while at work. This summer I'm allowing myself one day a week to sample food trucks, but bringing leftovers the other days. I did read an article that helped me curb the temptation (because I'm trying to lose weight); it said not eating out at lunch was one of the major indicators of successful weight loss.

    I'm amazed you did a month last year! I might be able to do a no-spend myself, but my family would struggle at it, and it would be no fun to do all alone while they were still spending.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    During the school year, when I'm at work, I usually don't spend much because I take coffee in a Thermos and take my lunch. I don't think I could go a whole month, especially buying groceries because I really prefer fresh fruits and vegetables.

    Ceejay -- most of the lunches out are so huge anymore, aren't they? Good reason not to imbibe much.

  3. Jerry Says:

    I know that some of my colleagues spend (literally) almost a couple hundred dollars in expensive coffee drinks per month! That would lead my budget into the toilet, but they buy a couple of them a day, almost every day, on the way to and from school. (And I am overseas, they are even more expensive here, I think. We don't have any insurance of things being cheaper, in that regard.)

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