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Goodbye 2011!

January 1st, 2012 at 05:52 pm

It's been a while, December gets really hectic at work.

How time flies, it's already 2012! I bid 2011 goodbye with much gratitude because it's been a good year - despite all the not-so great things that happened, it's been fruitful nonetheless.

For the first time doing my Christmas shopping, I didn't charge a single item on my credit card. That's really an achievement because year after year, there's always something I forget at the last minute which mess up my budget. But this time, because of careful planning ahead of time and having a mindset that I will make sure i give out meaningful gifts to my family and friends while sticking to my Christmas budget, I can breath easily that my credit card bill won't be mind-boggling in January.

And I have saved a little extra so when my CC2 bill comes, I think I can pay it off already. Whew!

Actually, weird as it may sound but I am really excited and hopeful for 2012. So happy new year everybody and cheers to a more peaceful, abundant and wonderful year for all of us!